About Us

kidsIn 1999, Broome Primary School celebrated 100 years of providing education to the Broome Community. The school, including an original classroom dating back to 1901, is of a “Broome - style” design. Its wide verandahs, pitched roofs and lush tropical gardens create a tranquil setting for your child’s education.

Currently the School consists of 17 classrooms, a performing arts room, a science room, library resource and computer centre, two purpose-built kindergartens, an undercover area, canteen, cultural centre and several permanent shade areas. The school has an enrolment of approximately 400 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students who attend Broome Primary generally live in the older part of Broome or the agricultural/semi-rural developments around the town.

Our students and their backgrounds reflect the traditional, historical and multicultural aspects of the Broome community.

We promote a tolerant, respectful and appreciative approach to the beliefs, culture and interests of the students and families who make up our school community.

In 2013 Broome Primary, along with the other Broome schools, became an Independent Public School (IPS). We are still part of the public system but have more flexibility in regards to financial management and staffing.